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  1. JetPro Digital

    JETPRO Series is a non-hazardous Solvent Hybrid Digital ink system. This “virtually odorless” ink exhibits outstanding adhesion to the widest variety of common POP and banner substrates. JETPRO has excellent water and moisture resistance. This unique series is designed for interior or exterior applications.
  2. ThermoBond UV Laminating Clear

    Thermo-Bond U.V laminating clear is specifically formulated to be used as an overprint clear for Offset inks that are designed for the credit/plastic card markets as well as a mixing vehicle for metallic and pearlescent pigments. This ink is formulated to withstand the high temperatures associated with the plastic card...


This system was formulated specifically to help our customers reduce operational costs by requiring less energy to cure this product (50% reduction).

Inks that were previously cured on standard power levels on flatbeds and in-line presses can now cure our Low Energy Ink System on ½ power or standby

settings. Companies faced with high electrical bills will now enjoy a 50% cost reduction through the use of our Low Energy Renegade GP Series.

This also applies to printers with LED capabilities. We can now cure at 150 feet per minute using a 395 nM/8 watt unit.


Qualified G7 Experts

What Our Customers Say…

  • As far as I am concerned Polymeric sells a superior product at a fair price and is the most innovative ink company in the U.S.

    Brian Troyk

    Troyk Printing Corporation

  • Polymeric has always been an innovator and one of our important "Supplier Partners".  We rely on their input and technical problem solving expertise.  They bring us many unique ideas and potential new print application opportunities as ink technology evolves.

    Mark Huckstorf, VP Operations

    Yunker Industries

  • A few years ago, I had an idea for a radical new ink.  In 6 months of working with Polymeric, this radically new product was formulated.  It is unique and valuable to the market.  To say that I love this company is an understatement.

    Wes Adams

    GP Color Imaging

  • Our consignment program with Polymeric has allowed us to respond faster to our customer’s requirements.  When replenishment of ink is required, it is always sent on time, even when we ask for something close to the impossible.

    Mike Schwaller

    M.A.S. Industries, Inc.

  • Ken Walker, Transport Graphics, Inc. Just want to let you know that I couldn't be more pleased with our transition to Hyperflex Ink and the results we have had in the last 2 years of use. My colors have been outstanding, stretch and adhesion properties have also been unbelievably good and to be honest, I just don't know what evelse we could want in an ink product.