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  1. JetPro Digital

    JETPRO Series is a non-hazardous Solvent Hybrid Digital ink system. This “virtually odorless” ink exhibits outstanding adhesion to the widest variety of common POP and banner substrates. JETPRO has excellent water and moisture resistance. This unique series is designed for interior or exterior applications.
  2. ThermoBond UV Laminating Clear

    Thermo-Bond U.V laminating clear is specifically formulated to be used as an overprint clear for Offset inks that are designed for the credit/plastic card markets as well as a mixing vehicle for metallic and pearlescent pigments. This ink is formulated to withstand the high temperatures associated with the plastic card...
  3. Plasti-Lam Laminating Adhesive

    Polymeric Imaging is proud to announce the release of Plasti-Lam, a two-part laminating adhesive designed for screen printing applications. It provides a sturdy bond between two dissimilar substrates or films with high peel and bonding strength once applied to PVC, Polycarbonate, APET and styrene, it is also very effective in...
  4. Sta-Tack

    STA-TACK is a waterbased screen printable adhesive specifically designed for POP; direct retail, Point-of-Sale and window graphics displays. This “Post-it-Note®” type water-based system is easy to print and use. STA-TACK has a broad range of applications; it’s repositionable and will not leave behind any residue. Sta-Tack is an excellent alternative...
  5. Diamond-Kote H2O Vehicle Wrap

    Polymeric has developed Diamond-Kote H2O Vehicle Wrap LTX; a two part water-based system designed to protect both screen and digitally printed graphics and colors from sunlight exposure on vehicle graphic applications. This clear contains UV inhibitors effective in preventing pigments from fading. This coating has excellent elongation and is specifically...
  6. Diamond-Kote Primer and 7-10 Year Over Print Clear Coatings

    Polymeric Imaging, Inc. announces the completion of the R&D process on our Diamond-Kote Primer and a base color-line, as well as a 7-10 year OP Clear designed for use on Formica, Stainless Steel, Polycarbonate, Tin, Copper, and a huge variety of other metals. Each are Gasoline and Acetone resistant and...
  7. Diamond-Kote Dual Cure 3D

    This product can be used for a complete in-line process: printing, forming and clear coating operation. Diamond-Kote has exceptional long-term durability in excess of 5-years, and includes excellent water, gasoline, acetone and other chemical resistance. Diamond-Kote was formulated to replace over-lam films, resulting in significant cost advantages. The physical properties...
  8. Twilight LED (Light Emitting Diodes)

    Since 2005 Polymeric has been involved in the continued development of LED (Light Emitting Diodes) curable inks and coatings for use in practically all graphics printing markets. While these markets are vast, the development of Twilight LED curable inks continues to require some of the most innovative and advanced chemistry...