Polymeric Imaging, Inc.


Polymeric Imaging, Inc., currently holds a number of patents which stem from our specialty research, with another number presently in the patent process. We will do patent research for those companies that request us to do so. We will charge either by the project and its expected research time, or share in the patent itself.


Polymeric is proud to announce the development of MicroShield; a reliable UV Curable, Anti-microbial, Protective Coating for a wide range of applications. MicroShield is especially well suited for labels and decals used in the food packaging, medical and pharmaceutical market. This coating exhibits excellent adhesion to an extremely broad range of materials and surfaces that require antibacterial or anti-graffiti type performance. MicroShield has passed JIS Z 2801, AATCC Method 147(inhibition) and AATCC Method 100 (kill). Tests demonstrated both inhibition and kill, with no growth or pathogen survival where the coating came in contact with the micro-organisms. While MicroShield incorporates TSCA and CONEG compliant, and FDA and EPA registered raw materials, and has successfully passed the above test methods, MicroShield is not yet EPA registered. And while the test data is conclusive, Polymeric Imaging, Inc. makes no claims that MicroShield protects against illness.

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