Polymeric Imaging, Inc.


Polymeric Imaging, Inc., currently holds a number of patents which stem from our specialty research, with another number presently in the patent process. We will do patent research for those companies that request us to do so. We will charge either by the project and its expected research time, or share in the patent itself.


series is a Point-of-Purchase, Bio-based Solvent hybrid grand format digital ink system. This series exhibits outstanding adhesion to the widest variety of common POP and banner substrates. When properly cured, BioFire has excellent water and moisture resistance. This unique series is designed for interior or exterior applications. BioFire can also be used on a wide variety of media. BioFire performance characteristics are especially well suited for use on all the materials currently being used in the billboard market. (*Including reinforced polyethylene)
Download Tech Sheets: BioFire Tech Sheet,