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Polymeric Imaging, Inc., currently holds a number of patents which stem from our specialty research, with another number presently in the patent process. We will do patent research for those companies that request us to do so. We will charge either by the project and its expected research time, or share in the patent itself.

JetGreen POP

Polymeric Imaging is proud to announce the release of the JetGreen POP Series; the industries first bio-based UV Digital ink system. The foundation of JetGreen is based on the premise of using both sustainable and organic compounds which contribute to JetGreen’s ability to reduce its petro-carbon footprint. JetGreen is 100% V.O.C. free. It contains a variety of renewable organic carbon neutral components, along with biogenic or recycled carbons. As defined by the USDA, the bio-based content analysis using ASTM-D6866 indicates that JetGreen is rich in content of renewable bio-based components and of neutral or biogenic carbon composites. This series exhibits outstanding adhesion to the widest variety of common POP substrates. When properly cured, JetGreen has excellent water and moisture resistance, the best of any digital ink on the market today. This unique series is designed for interior or exterior durability on first or second surface applications.
Download Tech Sheets: JetGreen Tech Sheet, MSDS JetGreen

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