Polymeric Imaging, Inc.


Polymeric Imaging, Inc., currently holds a number of patents which stem from our specialty research, with another number presently in the patent process. We will do patent research for those companies that request us to do so. We will charge either by the project and its expected research time, or share in the patent itself.

POLYJET- UV Inkjet Dispersions

Polymeric Imaging now offers UV inkjet dispersions available in two different monofunctional monomer systems. These resin free systems allow for wide lattitude in formulation capabilities, imparting characteristics such as water resistance and flexibility while reducing the chances of incompatibility with resinated systems. Colorants used are of high quality, automotive grade pigments chosen for their excellent lightfast properties. The dispersions were developed at a low working viscosity with a particle size in the range of 100-300 nanometers, eliminating the chances of head clogging due to agglomeration.

Colors available:

Yellow 150

Magenta 122

Cyan 15:4

Black #7

Orange 64

White Rutile 

High Color Strength, Low Particle Size, Low Viscosity, Excellent Stability

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